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Classic Chevelle Calendar™ - 2020
1970 Chevelle's 50th Anniversary

2020 is the 50th anniversary of the iconic 1970 Chevelle. For the 2020 1970 model year Chevelle calendar, ChevelleCD would like to do something a little different and special. Although there are only 12 months in the year and there are 15 'standard' colors of 1970 Chevelles, one idea is to have each month with a single color where possible and one quality photo of each body style, sport coupe, convertible, and sedan pickup. Below are some samples being worked up but layouts may change before final printing. Naturally some months will incorporate multiple colors and not all possible body styles.

Like the 1968 and 1969 model years, the calendar will be available as an 8.5 x 11 (when opened) size. Photos submitted should be taken with a quality digital camera at least 2000 pixels wide and at your camera's highest resolution setting. I cannot guarantee your submitted photo will be used as some of the more popular colors may get quite a number of submissions. Chevelle photos submitted do not necessarily need to be SS396 or SS454 optioned Chevelles, non-SS Malibus are welcomed for submission as well.

Photos should be void of excessive background clutter like children's bikes, trashcans in the driveway, other vehicles in the background, excessive shadows, etc. ChevelleCD wants your car to stand out and be the focal point. Some of these images are not the best for composition and are subject to change but I hope you get the idea.

Photo permission form - MS Word format - Adobe .PDF format

Photos should be submitted to and, if possible, use the online file transfer service It's free to use and image details are not as apt to be lost as those sent via attachments or inclusions in email. Send them to the email address shown.

Classic White
January 2020

Cortez Silver
February 2020
Shadow Gray
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Tuxedo Black
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Astro Blue
Fathom Blue

Misty Turquoise

Green Mist/Forest Green
Gobi Beige/Desert Sand
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Champagne Gold/Autumn Gold

Cranberry Red/Black Cherry