Date Item
12/09/2020 Changed "SS 396" to "SS 396"
Updated copyright date to 2021
Removed references to Detriot Iron
11/06/2020 Changed "valve cover" to "valve rocker arm cover"
08/30/2020 Added black knob heater control assembly and verbiage to ac.html
07/13/2020 Added bezel_malibu_back.jpg to dash.html
04/10/2020 Corrected 135-13617 series/model to 135-13667 series/model for convertible
04/04/2020 Corrected slideshow code in all gallery pages
04/02/2020 Fixed L34 and L35 hp ratings on auto.html
03/30/2020 Fixed "383/327" to correct "283/327" on mounts.html
03/20/2020 Changed 1.70:1 to 1.75:1 on cams.html
03/18/2020 Fixed photo rear_rear.jpg on etr -> rearend -> index.html
Fixed engine hp for L34 on etr -> engines -> index.html
03/17/2020 Fixed 13817 convertible to 13867 convertible on page engine_to_body_style.html
Added trunk_december.jpg, trunk_may.jpg, and trunk_late.jpg and updated trunk.html
02/21/2020 Added " Also note the 283-4 (RPO L77) air cleaner assembly." to 327_01.htm
01/11/2020 Added verbiage on Turbo-Jet flags on body/emblems/index.html
11/27/2019 Added, "Caveat: Numerous original cars have been reported with the 'wrong' 136xx vs 138xx stamping. Whether this was due to poor quality control, inattention by the workers, or panels stacked in the wrong location is not known." to vin_location.html
Added links to vin_decoder.html page
10/17/2019 Added c60c2.jpg and verbiage to ac_intro.html
08/06/2019 Added regulators.jpg to generator.html
Changed menu from "Generator" to "Generator/Regulator"
06/15/2019 Added 731_duo.jpg link to interior/index.html
04/27/2019 Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg to 66index.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg to aboutme.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg and 250_restoration_guide.jpg to more.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg and 250_restoration_guide.jpg to index.html
04/10/2019 Corrrected date for L78 on idcodes.html
02/23/2019 Added "<a href="speedo_gear_selection.html">Speedometer Gear Selection</a></p>" to manual.html
01/09/2019 Added  "U ~ Spare wheel lock [RPO P19] (reported but not verified by any examples)" to body_plate_decoding.html
12/13/2018 Added 13667_swiss.jpg to documentation/body_plate/index.html
11/12/2018 Added pop_138176k191143.jpg to pop_kan.html
10/30/2018 Changed 10.166 to 10.240 on console.html
09/13/2018 Added t1208ef_f110123.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added ws_136176k102200.jpg to window_sticker.html
08/24/2018 Added 0695_group.jpg to steering.html
08/19/2018 Added "A Fremont oddity is how convertibles were coded for paint colors. Normally a 1966 plant will use a number to indicate a convertible top color. Not Fremont; more often than not convertibles used the lower body color code for the convertible top so one does not know on these convertibles whether the convertible top is white or black. This happened on both early and late model year style trim tags. Out of 16 1966 Fremont convertibles I have trim tag data on, only three have the convertible top color coded with a number. The time frame of these three do not conform to a logical time; one is October, one is June and the third is July." and two images to tt_bf.html
07/15/2018 Added 13267_can.jpg and 13267_can_02.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
07/09/2018 Added 01b05.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added 05d11.jpg/.htm and updated alt3.html
Changed std_fawn_rear.jpg and updated belts.html
Added  "At least one 3rd week of April 1966 Chevelle SS 396 from Atlanta has been found with early exhaust to exhaust.html"
04/06/2018 Corrected L35/Powerglide suffix codes on idcodes.html
02/02/2018 Added 04b06.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
12/25/2017 Added 12a02.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
12/18/2017 Added 3882858_intake.jpg to intake.html
Added 07c08.jpg/.ntm and updated bal3.html
11/10/2017 Added 6423266_l35.jpg to aircleaner.html
10/30/2017 Added 11d08.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 11d08_138176z110027.jpg
10/19/2017 Added 04e09.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Corrected options codes on 04e08.html
Added na.jpg to gallery/SS 396/index.html
Added t0512edh_b169994.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added T1013eah.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added EAH to idcodes.html
09/15/2017 Added 13667_can_02.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
08/30/2017 Added 06e04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 12e01.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Added 05b05.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Added 06d08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added cluster04.jpg and cluster05.jpg to gauges.html
08/19/2017 Added top_rear_spring.jpg to chassis/suspension/rear/rear_spring.html
08/12/2017 Fixed shift number on oshawa/0505.htm
08/05/2017 Replaced all occurances of alt="CHEVELLECD - All Rights Reserved" with alt="CHEVELLECD All Rights Reserved"
08/02/2017 Added definitive_chevelle_ss_208.jpg to index.html pages
08/01/217 Added BP, BR, DC, DF, DN, DO, and ED engine codes to etr/engines/idcodes.html
Added updated information to etr/rearend/index.html
Updated production numbers per plant body/prod_nos.html
Added powerglide_applications.jpg to etr/transmission/auto.html
07/23/2017 Changed "sheetmetal" to "sheet metal"
Change "Sheet metal" to "Sheet Metal"
07/16/2017 Added to 66master.dwt
07/07/2017 Added 04c05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
06/27/2017 Fixed 775-A to reflect Turquoise Renville Cloth
Added pop_136176k175619.jpg to pop_kan.html
06/19/2017 Added 10d02.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.jpg
06/18/2017 Added 06d07.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
06/11/2017 Added 06a06.jpg /htm and updated atl3.html
06/10/2017 Added k66_box.jpg to ignition.html
06/03/2017 Added 02a04.jpg/htm and updated kan2.html
Added 11a06.jpg.htm and updated kan1.html
Added pop_136176k102200.jpg and updated pop_kan.html
05/21/2017 Added ws_13669f131047.jpg to window_sticker.html
Added 04c06.jpg/htm and updated fra3.html
05/20/2017 Added t0425edh_k187188 to engines/suffix_codes.html
04/26/2017 Added 04d15.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/11/2017 Added 777.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/10/2017 Added 777_pabook.jpg to interior/index.html
04/03/2014 Added 02c01.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
03/22/2017 Added 13617_swiss.jpg to documentation/body_plate/index.html
03/18/2017 Added 10e01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
03/05/2017 Added carolina_blue.jpg to SS 396_gallery.html
03/02/2014 Added 11a07.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.htm
Added 03a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
01/25/2017 Added dipstick1/dipstick2/dipstick3.jpg to oilpan.html
Replaced "<a href="oilpan.html">Oil Pan</a><br />" with "<a href="oilpan.html">Oil Pan-Oil Gage</a><br />" on all applicable menus
Replaced "" with ""
12/23/2016 Added 09d03.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
Added 04e08.jpg/.html and 04e08_138176f134153 and updated fl13.html
12/17/2016 Change Top of Page button from H to T
Added 05b04.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Added 12d10.jpg/.htm and update bf2.html
Added 12d03.jpg/.htm and updated br_elcamino.html
12/06/2016 Aded 11a05.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Corrected /kan/0811/11a04.htm
12/02/2016 Updated engine production totals on idcodes.html
11/16/2016 Added trunk_mat.jpg to trunk.html
11/11/2016 Added ":1" to gear ratios
11/07/2016 Replaced G ~ Power tail gate window [RPO A33] text with G ~ Power tailgate window [RPO A33]
11/06/2016 Added Added pop_138176k110186.jpg to pop_kan.html
11/05/2016 Added 05b03.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
10/31/2016 Added n96_mag_1.jpg and n96_mag_2.jpg to wheels.html
Changed folders named 'photos' to 'images'
Added 05c07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
10/30/2016 Added Need additional reference material table and links to all major folder subject index.html files
10/25/2016 Added t1_convertible.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
10/04/2016 Added f0701ec.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 12e05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
10/20/2016 Added clutch disk table and flywheel/bolts table to clutch.html
09/21/2016 Added 02c05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 66_beaumont_sport_deluxe.jpg to documentation\body_plate\index.html
09/02/2016 Added 07c05.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 07c05_136176z157784.jpg to vin_bf.htnl
08/30/2016 Added ts_012934.jpg to trim.html
08/28/2016 Added Books section to aboutme.html
Added pop_138176g110183.jpg and updated pop_fra.html
08/19/2016 Added pop_136676b137805.jpg to pop_bal.html
added 12b07.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
08/10/2016 Added 13369_belgium.jpg to body_plate/index.html
07/18/2016 Added 02d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 11c09.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
07/17/2016 Added nn_malibuss.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
07/16/2016 Added t0705ekh_6a215657.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/07/2016 Added 136396b101229.jpg to vin_bal.html
Added 09d01.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
07/06/2016 Added 05d03.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
06/15/2016 Added 12c06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
06/08/2016 Added 11a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 'ford' folder under gallery/other66s and added fairlane.jpg & ranchero.jpg to other66s.html
05/30/2016 Added r1_convertible.jpg and m1_convertible.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
05/29/2016 Added 09b04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Changed format of idcodes.html
05/23/2016 Added pop_138176f109497.jpg to pop_fl1.html
Added t1208ekh_f109497.jpg to suffix_codes.html
05/22/2016 Added 11a03.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
Added 01b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
05/15/2016 Added 06a03.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
05/09/2016 Added 11a04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
05/07/2016 Added 02e01.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added f0226da_211140.jpg to suffix_codes.html
04/26/2016 Added 12d09.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added 06d06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
04/07/2016 Added nn.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
Added 04d05.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
04/04/2016 Added 04d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 0470d_138176a110417.jpg
Added pop_136176b100572.jpg to pop_bal.html
04/03/2016 Uploaded
Added 06e03.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added AIM & Manuals liks to 66index.html
03/20/2016 Added 4-speed_console_hole.jpg to int_misc.html
03/19/2016 Uploaded changes
03/17/2016 Added 11c08.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 11c08_133116k123322.jpg
03/16/2016 Added 05b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
03/09/2016 Added 12d02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 05c_fake_188148.jpg to tt_analysis.html
03/05/2016 Added 083.jpg to int_can.html
Added 13267_01/13267_02.jpg to gallery/300/index.html
Added 0620.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
Added 13617_can_04.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
02/25/2015 Added 09c01.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 03r03.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Changed 724.jpg
Added t0504edh_g130241.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 10c08.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added pop-136176k122813.jpg to pop_kan.html
02/20/2016 Updated interior/index.html with production figures
02/13/2016 Added 05d02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added 06c02.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
1/30/2016 Updated various option costs on cost.html
Added to \paperwork\dealer
Added 05b01.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added pop_136806z124714_imprint.jpg to bf.html
Added 136806z124714_l35.jpg to bs.html
Added 136806z124714_car_invoice_l35.jpg to dealer.html
Added pop_135806z133810_imprint.jpg to bf.html
Added 135806z133810_order_form_l26.jpg to dealer.html
01/20/2016 Added 13517_belgium.jpg to body_plate/index.html
Added indent_40 style to 66_common.css
01/10/2016 Added 07c07.jpg/htm and updated bal3.html
Added 09c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added t1214ekh_b131904.jpg and t0531eh_6k206560.jpg to suffix_codes.html
12/10/2015 Added 73000_stop_order.jpg to dealer.html
12/07/2015 Added vv_malibu.jpg to elcamino\index.html
Change schema to green and updated 2015 to 2016
11/29/2015 Updated El Camino pricing on msrp.html
Added interior_quantity.html
Added paint quantities to paint.html
Added color_quantity.html
11/27/2015 Updated costs of P60, U69/U80, and U63/U80 to cost.html
11/07/2015 Updated image tach_6412816.jpg
Added 12304.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 09a01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 10b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added bs_136806z103690.jpg to bs.html
11/05/2015 Added 136-138_matrix.jpg to interior/index.html
11/04/2015 Updated trim code applicability for 709, 747, 776, 787, and 797
10/13/2015 Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
08/14/2015 Added f031833.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/26/2015 Added bucket_headrest03.jpg to int_mail.html and int02.html
07/25/2015 Fixed several typographical errors
06/16/2015 Added more.html page at common/readme/more.html
05/02/2015 Added 07d01.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 0810a.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/30/2015 Added 01c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 02a03.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
04/04/2015 Changed top of page button
Changed footer to white background
04/03/2015 Remmed out jumptop.js and substituted bronze_up.png for up arrow
Added 04c03.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
04/01/2015 Swapped Self Sizing script for lightbox script
Added 03b02.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
03/30/2015 Added 03d06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
03/20/2015 Changed color scheme to bronze - #973100
Added patriotic1.jpg & patriotic2.jpg to gallery/custom/index.html
Added pop_136676b184926.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added 111111109_no_date.jpg to ignition.html
Added t0223edh_6k162796.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 6b181860.jpg to suffix_codes.html
03/03/2015 Changed all blank image "alt" captions to read alt="CHEVELLECD All Rights Reserved"
Added pop_136696f101047.jpg to pop_fl1.html
02/25/2015 Added 03d02.jpg/.htm, 03d02_136176z136285.jpg and updated bf2.html
Added 10d03.jpg/.htm, 10d03_136176z105495.jpg and updated bf1.html
Added 11d03.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
Added missing interior trim codes to 11d01.htm and 11d02.htm (Flint)
Added f2_painted_top.jpg and 11d03.jpg to potpourri.html
01/25/2015 Added 07b06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 01d03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
01/22/2015 Added t1124ef_g112218.jpg to suffix_codes.html
01/06/2015 Added 3844100ak_pulley.jpg to generator.html
Added 10d04.jpg./.htm & 10d04_136676b111325.jpg and updated bal1.html
12/29/2014 Added 05b06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
12/26/2014 Added 05c05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 3140_holley_04.jpg to carbs.html
Added 6k157458.jpg to suffx_codes.html
Added 02c04.jpg/.htm, 02c04_138176k157458.jpg and updated kan2.html
12/25/2014 Added shoulder_harness_1.jpg & shoulder_harness_2.jpg to belts.html
Added 06a04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 08d01.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 09c02.jpg/.htm and 09c02_136806k103651.jpg and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 11a06.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added frame_vin_6k130885.jpg & frame_vin_6k130885.jpg to frame.html
Added t1201ef_6k130885.jpg & t0426eg_6k206223.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 6k130885.jpg to manual.html
Added pop_138176k206223.jpg to pop_kan.html
11/11/2014 compiled
10/27/2014 Added 01c02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 03b06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 12b02.jpg/.htm & 12b02_138176g114218.jpg and updated fra2.html
Added 05d03.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
10/25/2014 Added 03d06.jpg/.htm & 03d06_138176a139812.jpg and updated atl2.html
10/14/2014 Added 02d09.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 05d02.jpg/.htm & 05d02_135676b171577.jpg and updated bal3.html
Added Beaumonts brochures
Added 06d03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 10a01.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 07d03.jpg/.htm & 07d03_135176g137934.jpg and updated fra3.html
Added 12a04.jpg/.htm & 12a04_138676k129819.jpg and updated kan2.html
09/22/2014 Replace text 'Buildsheet' with 'Build Sheet'
Added 03a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 06a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06d06.jpg/.htm & 06d06_eng.jpg and updated kan3.html
Added 07d04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 10a04.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 10d03.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 12c01.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Added h2.jpg to gallery/SS 396/index.html
09/21/2014 Added 01c05.jpg/htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03a06.jpg/.htm & 03a04_138676b150329.jpg and updated bal2.html
09/15/2014 Added 10b07.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Replaced "plant tracking number of unknown origin" with "plant Job Number for tracking purposes"
09/04/2014 Added 07c06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 07b04.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
08/14/2014 Added 02a02.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
08/11/2014 Added 10c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
08/07/2014 Added 05c05.jpg/.htm and updated fl3.html
Added information to ignition.html
07/31/2014 Added 11c01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 11c01_136806z108764.jpg
Added t1102ekh.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/23/2014 Changed copyright date
Added 06e02.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 06e03_136176z154820.jpg to vin_bf.html
Added 09e03.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
compiled and uplaoded
07/22/2014 Revised verbiage on grille.html
Added 06a02.jpg.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 07b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 07b04_138676z157350
07/19/2014 Added pop_138176z128135.jpg to pop_bf.html
Added 02d08.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
07/11/2014 Added 11a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 11a03_138176k118487.jpg
Added t0930ej_6z102368.jpg to suffix_codes.html
05/30/2014 Added 07d03.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added pop_kan_136806k141899.jpg
05/23/2014 Added firewall_flint_05b.jpg to potpourri.html
05/21/2014 Added tv.jpg to gallery/300/index.html
Added 01d02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
05/18/2014 Added 10b01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 06d05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/13/2014 Added 10a07.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 04c05.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added interior trim color for Framingham on body_plate_decoding.html
Added acc00.jpg thru acc14.jpg to acc.html
05/10/2014 Added 07a06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added tach_numbers_grou_9750.jpg to gauges.html
Added t0629edh_6a187513.jpg to suffix_codes.html
05/08/2014 Added ws_13669ga164353.jpg to window_sticker.html
04/27/2014 Added bright_brake.jpg and full_lens_set.jpg to dash.html
04/24/2014 Added ws_136176k108693.jpg to window_sticker.html
Added 02c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.htmo
Added 02c04_138176a122625.jpg to 02c04.htm
04/20/2014 Added 07c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/06/2014 Added 11b07.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 04d13.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/03/2014 Added 09b03.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added 0124.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
Added 0214_613617006918.jpg to vin_os.html
Added 13617_can_03.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
04/01/2014 Added 133696a162201_dealer_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
03/30/2014 Added pop_136176a155366.jpg to pop_atl.htm
Added 12a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
03/27/2014 Added 02c02.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
03/25/2014 Added 12d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 12d05_138176k137811.jpg
compiled and uploaded
03/24/2014 Added 02d04.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 02d04_136806k160182.jpg to kan.html
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03/17/2014 Added 07b03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
03/14/2014 Added 03c01.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
03/11/2014 Added 04b05.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
03/09/2014 Added t0503eg_6f134437.jpg to suffix_codes.html
02/21/2014 Added 02c01.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
02/11/2014 Added 03e01.jpg/.htm ahd updated bal2.html
02/09/2014 Added pop_138176k138960_imprint.jpg to pop_kan.html
02/03/2014 Added 11c07.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 12c05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
02/01/2014 Added cu0322b.jpg to rearend\index.html
Added 3877459_trans_tag to manual.html
Added pop_138176a148361.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added 04b11.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added ws_136176k123164.jpg to window_sticker.html
01/31/2014 Added 04d12.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
01/22/2014 Updated verbiage on vin_location.html
Added 10c03.jpg/htm and updated atl1.html
Added tv.jpg to \gallery\300deluxe\index.html
compiled and uploaded
01/15/2014 Added pop_136676b109769.jpg to pop_bal.html
01/14/2014 Added 12d08.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
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Added 07a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added t1124en.jpg to suffix_codes.html
01/04/2014 Added 07a02.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added t0516ef_6a175631.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added pop_135696g107468.jpg to pop_fra.html
Added ws_138176k180883.jpg to window_sticker.html and removed window_sticker03.jpg
12/19/2013 Added 04c07.jpg/.htm and uldated kan3.html
Fixed option codes on 04c06.htm
12/18/2013 Added t1214ekh.jpg to suffix_codes.html
12/15/2013 Added 13517_can_blue.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
Added 13517_can_blue_car.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
12/15/2013 ~ Added 13517_01/02/03.jpg to canada_line_tag.html
12/12/2013 Added 06c18.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 6a178132.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 06d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 6z110607.jpg and T1116EM.jpgto suffix_codes.html
Added 11d07.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 11d07_138176z110607.jpg
Added pop_138176a131427.jpg to pop_atl.html
12/08/2013 Replaced 'Rear seat speaker' with 'Rear speaker'
12/02/2013 Added 01a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 136676b181590_imprint.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added 325_01h.jpg, 325_01i.jpg, and 325_01j.jpg to 396_325_01.html
12/01/2013 Replaced self sizing window code:
write('<body onLoad="self.focus();" onBlur="window.close();"><img id="pic" style="display: none"><div id="title" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;">');
 write('<body onLoad="self.focus();" onBlur="window.close();"><img id="pic" style="display: none"><div id="title" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;">');
Added 01c03.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
11/22/2013 Added 04d03.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 04d03_136670b162849.jpg
Added 07b11.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 07b11_138176b187905.jpg
11/13/2013 Added 05c06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
11/11/2013 Added 05a06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 07a01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 10c06.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 12b02.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
11/04/2013 Replaced "Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate" with "Vehicle Identification Number Plate"
10/31/2013 Compiled and uploaded
10/30/2013 Added 03d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added pop_138676k172485 to pop_kan.html
Added t1230em.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added cc0210b.jpg to /rearend/index.html
Added 04d11.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 04d11_138676k185809.jpg
Added 06301.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 11b06.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 11b06_138176a194745.jpg
Added 11e02.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 12c10.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Changed rr_deluxe.jpg
Added 6k185809.jpg to suffix_codes.html
10/23/2013 Added 12c09.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
10/22/2013 Added 02c05.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
10/15/2013 Compiled and uploaded
10/09/2013 Added 02a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 02a03_135676k162723.jpg to vin_kan.html
Added 02b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 02b05_pop_138676b143925.jpg to pop_bal.html
09/30/2013 Added 06a01.jpg/.htm & 06a01_135176b173347.jpg and updated bal3.html
Added 06d06.jpg/.htm & 06d06_138176a180023.jpg and updated atl3.html
09/23/2013 Added 04b10.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
09/21/2013 Added 07c04.jpg/.htm & 07c04_136176a191688.jpg and updated atl3.html
Added can_malibu_cove.jpg to trunk.html
Added 613617007017.jpg to vin_os.html
09/17/2013 Added 1125.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
09/14/2013 Added 06e09.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
09/10/2013 Added 04c06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
09/08/2013 Added 10d02.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
compiled and uploaded
09/05/2013 Added 06e08.jpg/.htm and updated alt3.html
08/31/2013 Added 06d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
08/29/2013 Added 02d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Change all occurances of E ~ Tinted windows (all) [RPO A01] to E ~ Tinted glass (all) [RPO A01]
compiled and uploaded
08/28/2013 Added 01b01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 01b01_136806b136242.jpg to bal.html
Added 04d10.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 06303.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 07c01.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
08/22/2013 Added 02b05.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added Transmission Gear Ratio & Transmission Gear Ratio Drop Between Gears tables to manual.html
compiled and uploaded
Added 05a03.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
08/16/2013 Added 04b09.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
08/10/2013 Added 02b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 10b06.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 11_elcamino.jpg to \gallery\elcamino\index.html
Added t0207eh_7z127799.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Compiled and uploaded
08/05/2013 Added 12d07.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
08/02/2013 Added kk_sport_sedan.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
Added 01d04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
compiled and uploaded
07/23/2013 Added 12d03.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
07/17/2013 Compiled and uploaded
07/13/2013 Added 05a03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 12d01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
07/10/2013 Added 03e01_138176k174853.jpg to vin_kan.html
Added 03e01.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 06d04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 05d06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 2214.jpg/.htm and updated os_html
Added 2214_613667008625.jpg to vin_os.html
compiled and uploaded
Added t0513eg_6k193229.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/04/2013 Added 01e02.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 03c09.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
07/03/2013 Added 11d06.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 03c01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
compiled and uploaded
07/01/2013 Added oilpan.html page with associated images and added Oil Pan link to nav bar
06/30/2013 Added 03d02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 01d06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added holley_intake.jpg to intake.html
06/26/2013 Added 11a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 11a02_136676k116761.jpg to vin_kan.html
Compiled and uploaded
06/25/2013 Added ts_003114.jpg and 01d03.jpg to trim.html
Added 01d03.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
06/14/2013 Added 01b03.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
compiled and uploaded
06/11/2013 Added 07a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 09d02.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
05/30/2013 Compressed and uploaded
05/27/2013 Added 07d05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 12c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added to pop_atl.html
Added ws_138176a180880.jpg to window_sticker.html
05/22/2013 Added 05a09.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 02c03.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
05/11/2013 Added 1008.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
compiled and uploaded
05/08/2013 Added 04d09.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 04d09_138176k152184.jpg
05/06/2013 Added 10c05.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
05/05/2013 Added 07b10.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06d03.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 06d03_engine.jpg
Added 04d03.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Added pop_138176F131569_imprint.jpg to pop_fl1.html
Added t0412edh_6f131569.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 07a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/02/2013 Added 09d01.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
Added pop_138176F101084.jpg to pop_fl1.html
Standardized all interior and paint code definitions
04/28/2013 Added RPO K81 data to generator.html
04/18/2013 Added 04c05.jpt/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added quarter12.jpg and quarter13.jpg to vin_location.html
Added 10a03.jpg./.htm and updated bf1.html
Added pop_138176a157020.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added 11b03.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
compiled and uploaded
04/12/2013 Added 02b04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
04/08/2013 Added tv.jpg to malibu/index.html
04/03/2013 Added 07c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
04/04/2013 Added 02c04.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
04/03/2013 Added pop_138176b132207.jpg to pop_bal.html
04/01/2013 Added pop_134696k127452.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added pop_136176k104437.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added pop_136696k119889.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added pop_136696k119889.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added pop_138176k123879.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added pop_138176k188202.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added 12a07.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 11b06.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 02a02.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Complied and uploaded
03/29/2013 Added unknown folder under broadcast
Moved bbc_138176x104791.jpg to unknown folder
Added cbc_138176x180847.jpg to chassis_broadcast.html
03/18/2013 Added bs.html to documentation section
Added 12c08.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Compiled and uploaded
03/12/2013 Added 10d01.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 11e01.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 11e01_136176k128417.jpg
03/04/2013 Added 136396k186464_dealer_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
Added 136396k186464_car_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
Added 04c05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 04d06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 04d06_135176a123685 to vin_atl.html
Added 06c15.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added pop_136376a188302.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added pop_136356b127450.jpg to pop_bal.html
02/27/2013 Changed LL.jpg photo in SS 396 gallery
Added 01d05_t1217ef_6k148596.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 01d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
02/23/2013 Added 05d01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Compressed and uploaded
02/20/2013 Added 03d02.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
02/19/2013 Added 04b08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
02/18/2013 Added 04b07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
02/16/2013 Added 12a06.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
02/09/2013 Added 09b02.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Removed notation 1 for group1 on body_plate_decoding.html as 09b02 Kansas City tag has group 1 F code
Added link on body_plate_decoding.html to rpoa41.jpg image
Compressed and uploaded
02/08/2013 Added 12c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added t1228eh_6z125450.jpg to suffix_codes.html
02/04/2013 Added 03d04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added FAQ page
Changed to lighter blue
02/01/2013 Added 01b03.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
01/31/2013 Added 09b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
01/17/2013 Added pop_136176b118906 to pop_bal.html
01/15/2013 Added 03c07.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Changed overall color from #00007D (bronze) to #00007D (dark blue)
01/14/2013 Added 11d05.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 11d05_138176z111306.jpg to vin_bf.html
Added quarter11.jpg to vin_location.html
01/13/2013 Added 06e07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06e07_13617+a181831.jpg to vin_atl.html
01/12/2013 Added 01d02.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
01/11/2013 Added g108977_engine_stamp.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added t1103ef_g108977.jpg to suffix_codes.html
01/08/2013 Added 03b06.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 12a01.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Added 12a01_138176f108089.jpg to vin_fl1.html
Added 12a01_t1123ef_f108089.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Compressed and uploaded
01/07/2013 Added 02a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 02a02_136806k152696 to kan.html
01/03/2012 Added 3775745_d186.jpg to rearend/index.html
12/31/2012 Added master_cylinder.jpg to brakes.html
12/30/2012 Added 03d01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 03d01_136806k172759.jpg to kan.html
12/27/2012 Added 05b05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Replaced Medium Aztec Bronze Imitation Leather with Medium Bronze Imitation Leather
12/24/2012 Added 05b02.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Added 07b05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added bellcrank_support_05b_fra.jpg to clutch.html
12/23/2012 Added 06c02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
12/19/2012 Added 11c06.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 11c06_138176k123489.jpg to vin_kan.html
Changed vin_xxx.html layout
12/18/2012 Added 05d08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 05d08_138176a166557.jpg to vin_atl.html
Added 6a159497.jpg to suffix_codes.html
12/16/2012 Replaced all occurrences of "trim tag" with "body plate" on body_plate_decoding.html
Added 01a03-fake.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Compiled and uploaded
12/12/2012 Added 07b04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 07c05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 136676B178548.jpg to vin_bal.html
12/05/2012 Added 06c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Fixed 06c02.htm link on kan3.html
Added 04b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Compiled and uploaded
12/04/2012 Added 03e01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
12/03/2012 Added verbiage to vin_location.html
11/26/2012 Added 10a01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
11/24/2012 Added 05d03.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added 05d03_138177g118591.jpg to vin_fra.html
11/19/2012 Compiled and uploaded
11/17/2012 Added 03d05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
11/15/2012 Added 11d02.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
11/09/2012 Added wagon_rear.jpg to window_glass.html
Added 13635_rear.jpg to window_glass.html
Added 04a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
11/06/2012 Added 02b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added 10a06.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
10/30/2012 Added 66_300.jpg to dash.html
Replaced image of 67_dash.jpg on dash.html
10/29/2012 Fixed valve lash for L78 on cam.html
10/23/2012 Added 01a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03d02.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 12a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 12a05_136176a111910.jpg to vin_atl.html
Added fuel_batt.jpg and temo_oil.jpg to gauges.html
10/09/2012 Added 07b03.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Added f0630de.jpg to suffix_codes.html
10/06/2012 Removed transmission date codes from manual.html as not applicable to 1966
10/03/2012 Added 04c04.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
10/02/2012 Added 07c04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 07d04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
09/23/2012 Added 11-13_b51.jpg and 11-13_b5_rev1.jpg to hood.html
09/22/2012 Added ws_138176f108059.jpg to window_sticker.html
Added 07d01_136806z159556.jpg to bf.html and noted the sequence is greater than the last reported VIN for Fremont
Revised verbiage for SS 396 on hood.html
09/19/2012 Renamed all \pop\xxx\xxx.html files to \pop\xxx\pop_xxx.html
Renamed all \vin\xxx\xxx.html files to \vin\xxx\vin_xxx.html
09/17/2012 Added 195_02e.jpg to 283_195_02.html
09/07/2012 Added 11b05.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Removed (5) notation from body_plate_decoding.html for K being AC.
09/06/2012 Added pop_kan_136806k136897.jpg to kan.html
09/04/2012 Compiled and uploaded
09/03/2012 Added 07d02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
08/31/2012 Added 03b05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 03b05_133116a132498.jpg to atl.html
Deleted 03a04.jpg/.htm - wrong body date
08/29/2012 Added 12a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Clarified generator explanation on generator.html concerning L78 and transistor ignition
08/25/2012 Added 05a07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 05a08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
08/24/2012 Added 04a02.jpg/.htm and updated bd3.html
08/21/2102 Added 07a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 07a04_138176a185992.jpg to atl.html
08/15/2012 Added 01d01.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
08/14/2012 Added 06b04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 6a173795.jpg to suffix_codes.html
08/12/2012 Added interior_paint.html page and updated all associated page links
08/10/2012 Added 03a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 03a04_133116a132498.jpg to atl.html
Compiled and uploaded
08/06/2012 Added 02c03.jpg/.htm and updated alt2.html
08/03/2012 Added 06c14.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 10a05.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 747.jpg to int_01.html
Deleted 747_01 & 747_02
07/31/2012 Added 03a03.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 03a03_138176b149408.jpg to bal.html
07/28/2012 Added 05b05.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
07/27/2012 Added bbc_138176x104791.jpg to body_broadcast.html
07/23/2012 Added 03c02.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Added 11b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 10b05.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 07d03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 04b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 06a02.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 03b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added 04a01.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added 03e03.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added 12a05.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
07/21/2012 Added 02d02.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
07/18/2012 Added 12b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
07/16/2012 Added 01d02.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added quarter10.jpg to vin_location.html
07/15/2012 Added t0609de.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added firewall section to potpourri.html
07/14/2012 Added 12c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 12c04_138177a138104.jpg to atl.html
Compiled and uploaded
07/13/2012 Added 07c01.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
Added 07c01_135176f146612.jpg for fl1.html
Added 06b03.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 01c02.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
07/10/2012 Added 04b01_fake.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
07/07/2012 Added 01a01.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
07/03/2012 Compressed and uploaded
06/26/2012 Added 05c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 06c13.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
06/25/2012 Added 06e06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
06/24/2012 Added 03b04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added t0304eg_6a132937.jpg to suffix_codes.html
06/18/2012 Added 03b05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
06/16/2012 Compressed and uploaded
06/12/2012 Added 0225.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
renamed 0220.jpg/.htm to 0920.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
06/07/2012 Added 02a01.jpg/.htm and updated alt2.html
06/03/2012 Added 09d04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added burnt_orange.jpg to gallery/custom/index.html
06/02/2012 Added 0c303.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 06c06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/28/2012 Added 06c06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/25/2012 Added 03c06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Compiled and uploaded
05/22/2012 Added 11c05.jpg/.htm and updated alt1.html
05/21/2012 Added pop_kan_136806k108049.jpg to kan.html
05/19/2012 Added 06d04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/18/2012 Added 11d01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 134806Z110090.jpg to bf.html
05/15/2012 Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
05/14/2012 Added 04a02.jpg/.htm and updated fl13.html
05/12/2012 Added bbc_134696K137363.jpg,  bbc_135176K137774.jpg, bbc_136176K102096.jpg, bbc_136356K187134.jpg, bbc_136356K195651.jpg, and bbc_136396K115586.jpg to body_broadcast.html
Added cbc_136396K115586.jpg to chassis_broadcast.html
Added 07a03.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 07a03_135176b182453.jpg to bal.html
05/10/2012 Added 136176f119811_body_broadcast_copy.jpg to body_broadcast.html
Added 136176f119811_chassis_broadcast_copy.jpg to chassis_broadcast.html
Added 138176a107246_dealer_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
05/09/2012 Added 03b01.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Added 05a06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added door_right2.jpg to doors.html
05/07/2012 Added 11d04.jpg/.htm and updated f1.html
05/04/2012 Added pop_136176g101371.jpg and updated fra.html
04/30/2012 Added 05a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
04/29/2012 Added lightbox slide show code to buick.html, olds.html, pontiac.html, gallery/300, 300deluxe, Beaumont, Canadian, custom, elcamino, malibu, SS 396
Compiled and uploaded
04/24/2012 Added 05b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 05b04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 01e02.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added pop_138176k190985.jpg to kan.html
04/23/2012 Added 06d05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
04/21/2012 Added spring_mounts.jpg to rear_suspension.html
Added 04d04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
04/17/2012 Added p0922.jpg to manual.html
Added 01b01.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Added elec_windows_driver.jpg & elec_windows_pass.jpg to misc.html
compiled and uploaded
04/16/2012 Added 07c03.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
04/14/2012 Added pop_133116A182491.jpg to atl.html
04/13/2012 Added 0617.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
04/10/2012 Added 07d01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
03/31/2012 Added 0220.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
Added 01a02.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
03/26/2012 Added 01c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03c05.jpg./htm and updated kan2.html
03/24/2012 Added 10b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added remote_mirror.jpg to doors.html and options/misc.html
Compressed and zipped
03/22/2012 Added 04b06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 14_c_66_belt.jpg to belts.html
Added 325_01g.jpg and updated 396_325_01.html
Added tilt_wheel_2.jpg to steering.html
Added passenger_mirror.jpg to misc.html
03/21/2012 Added 12b06.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
03/19/2012 Added ws_136356a154980.jpg to window_sticker.html
Added 09c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 03b04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
03/17/2012 Added 11b04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added Custom Wheels/Tires page under folder twb
03/16/2012 Added 06d06.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
03/15/2012 Added 11a02.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added quarter07.jpg to vin_location.html
03/13/2012 Added 02b02.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 11a02.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
03/12/2012 Added 01d04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03a03.jpg./.htm and updated atl2.html
03/09/2012 Added 02b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added quarter06 to vin_location.html
03/08/2012 Changed verbiage about quarter panel stamped numbers on vin_location.html
Compiled and uploaded
03/07/2012 Added 01a01.jpg/.htm and updated fl12.html
Fixed dates to 01c01.htm reference on fl12.html
03/05/2012 Added 12c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
03/03/2012 Added valve_cover1 and valve_cover2 to chrome.html
02/28/2012 Added 13617_can_02.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
02/26/2012 Added 04a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
02/18/2012 Added 03c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
02/16/2012 Added 09e01.jpg/.htm and updated fl11.html
02/13/2012 Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 11d01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 11b05.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 03c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 07a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
02/12/2012 Added 04c02.jpg/.htm and updated fl3.html
Added 11c01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
02/07/2012 Added 12d02.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
02/06/2012 Added 12d0b.jpg/.htm and udpated bf2.html
02/05/2012 Modified body_plate_decoding.html to reflect 2E code
Added 06c12.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 07b08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 6b121316.jpg and t1120ef.jpg to suffix_codes.html
01/28/2012 Blacked-out key numbers
Compiled and uploaded
01/25/2012 Added 09e02.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
01/23/2012 Added 4-speed_bench_no_console.jpg to console.html
01/20/2012 Added 12b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added ts_001656.jpg to broadcast\trim.html
Added 6b126733.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Removed plant specific partial VIN verbiage
01/18/2012 Added pop_136356k187134_imprint to kan.html
Fixed "DH" in pop_engine.htm to read 283-4 instead of 238-4
Added turn_signal_guide.jpg and turn_signal_bpc.jpg to switches.html
Compiled and uploaded
01/17/2012 Added pop_136176k187760.jpg to kan.html
Added pop_138676k156125.jpg to kan.html
Added pop_138676b142283.jpg to bal.html
Added pop_136396b175616.jpg to bal.html
Added cbc_136176f136755.jpg to chassis_broadcast.html
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