Date Item
12/09/2020 Changed "SS 396" to "SS 396"
Updated copyright date to 2021
11/06/2020 Changed "valve cover" to "valve rocker arm cover"
08/30/2020 Added black knob heater control assembly and verbiage to ac.html
08/16/2020 Added a85_1.jpg and a85_2.jpg to belts.html
04/10/2020 Corrected 135-13617 series/model to 135-13667 series/model for convertible
04/02/2020 Changed 2 31/32" to 2 31/64"
03/30/2020 Fixed "383/327" to correct "283/327" on mounts.html
03/20/2020 Changed 1.70:1 to 1.75:1 on cam.html
03/17/2020 Fixed 13817 convertible to 13867 convertible on page engine_to_body_style.html
01/11/2020 Added verbiage on Turbo-Jet flags on body/emblems/index.html
Replace image 396_emblem.jpg
11/27/2019 Added, "Caveat: Numerous original cars have been reported with the 'wrong' 136xx vs 138xx stamping. Whether this was due to poor quality control, inattention by the workers, or panels stacked in the wrong location is not known." to vin_location.html
Added links to vin_decoder.html page
10/21/2019 Aded 2314_13517_tg_a51.jpg/2314.htm and updated os.html
09/23/2019 Changed SEAT: A - bench [B - bench] to SEAT: A - bench [B - bucket] on broadcast_codes.html
08/06/2019 Added 3-speed_bench_02.jpg and 3-speed_bench_03.jpg to int_misc.html
Added regulators.jpg to generator.html
Changed menu from "Generator" to "Generator/Regulator"
07/17/2019 Updated twb/wheels.html disc brake cap/ring information
04/27/2019 Added 05a12.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg to aboutme.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg and 250_restoration_guide.jpg to more.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg and 250_restoration_guide.jpg to index.html
Added 5_69_cover_250.jpg to 67index.html
03/27/2019 Added 67_fuses.jpg and verbiage to fuse_box.html
12/29/2018 Added L78 verbiage to 396_375_01.html
Added 10d09.jpg/.htm and 10d09_133697k119508.jpg to kan1.html
Added 11c09.jpg/.htm and 11c09_133697k129941.jpg to kan1.html
12/13/2018 Added concours_dash.jpg to dash.html
Added 06e13.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
10/30/2018 Changed 10.166 to 10.240 on console.html
10/25/2018 Added pop_138177a133xxx.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added pop_136677b129057.jpg to pop_bal.html
09/13/2018 Added c6_493.jpg to auto.html
Added th400_kickdown_switch.jpg to auto.html
Added cc.jpg to 300deluxe/index.html
Added 07303.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html and body_plate_decoding.html
Added t0614ef_7b205277.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added door_jamb_04c_kan.jpg to potpourri.html
08/13/2018 Reworded, "Disc brakes could also be ordered with vacuum power assist" to "Disc brakes (RPo J52) required vacuum power assist (RPO J50) but vacuum power assist did not require disc brakes" on page brakes.html
07/30/2018 Added dealer_7k220726.jpg to dealer.html
Added 10d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 01d11.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
07/13/2018 Added tonawanda_engine_sticker_01/02.jpg to chrome.html
07/11/2018 Changed to read, "According to one GM resource, RPO A68 was the standard belt rear seat belt and RPO AL5 was the deluxe rear seat belt and only available in sedans and station wagons.  See options. It would not be hard to adapt a single rear belt to fit as a center belt."
Added AL5 data to options/cost.html
Changed verbiage on A68 from "Seat belts, rear standard. Sedan/sta. wag. only" to Center belt, rear standard. Sedan/sta. wag. only on cost.html
07/09/2018 Added 06a02.jpg/.htm and updated fra6.html
Added 11d08.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
06/01/2018 Added 05d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 05c07.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 0326.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
11/10/2017 Added pop_136697z159122.jpg to pop_bf.html
Added 136697z159122_buildsheet.jpg to build.html
Addd 230_08.jpg to 230_01.html
10/30/2017 Added 01b14.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
09/19/2017 Added 03e08.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added l2_sd.jpg to beaumont/index.html
Added t0116ed_7a142992.jpg to suffix_codes.html
09/16/2017 Added 11b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 06e03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
09/07/2017 Added oil_line_kansas_city.jpg to etr/engines/misc.html
Added t0816ed_7b102169.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added t0406eg_7k183434.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added u57_w_console.jpg to radio.html
09/03/2014 Added pop_131697b213016.jpg to pop_bal.html
08/30/2017 Added cluster5.jpg to gauges.html
08/29/2017 Added 03e 03e07.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
08/12/2017 Fixed shift number on oshawa/0419.htm
08/05/2017 Added 08d02.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Replaced all occurances of alt="CHEVELLECD - All Rights Reserved" with alt="CHEVELLECD All Rights Reserved"
Added malibu_radio_hole_cover.jpg to radio.html
Added 327_03/327_03i.jpg to 327_03.html
08/02/2017 Added definitive_chevelle_ss_208.jpg to index.html pages
08/01/2017 Added pop_135177z144830.jpg to pop_bf.html
Added several rear end id images to 67/etr/rearend/index.html
Added several engine id images to 67/etr/engines/idcodes.html
07/23/2017 Added 09A02.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 08e05.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Changed "sheetmetal" to "sheet metal"
Change "Sheet metal" to "Sheet Metal"
07/16/2017 Added to 67master.dwt
06/18/2017 Added 10d08.jpg/.htm kan1.html
06/08/2017 Added 06d11.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
05/30/2017 Added 01c05.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
05/20/2017 Added 07a10.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
05/13/2017 Added 08d01.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
04/26/2017 Added 12b04.jpt/.htm and updated bf2.html
04/03/2017 Added 02b05.jpg/02b05_engine.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
03/02/2017 Added 0302.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
Added cowl_panel4.jpg to vin_location.html
Added pop_138177a134712.jpg to pop_atl.html
01/27/2017 Added 06d11.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Changed verbiage from "(2) Found on numerous Kansas City SS 396 sport coupe body plates" to "(2) Found on numerous Kansas City SS 396 sport coupe and Atlanta Malibu sport coupe body plates" on body_plate_decoding.html
Added dipstick1/dipstick2/dipstick3.jpg to oilpan.html
Replaced "<a href="oilpan.html">Oil Pan</a><br />" with "<a href="oilpan.html">Oil Pan-Oil Gage</a><br />" on all applicable menus
Replaced "" with ""
01/07/2017 Added 12d02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
12/20/2016 Added ee_ericjackson_vintagemusclecarparts.jpg to /gallery/SS 396/index.html
Added 04d13.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
12/17/2016 Change Top of Page button from H to T
Added sw_malibu_gold.jpg to steering.html
12/08/2016 Changed red color quantity from 57,532 to 27,532 on paint.html
12/06/2016 Added ts_0904.jpg to trim.html
12/02/2016 Updated engine production totals on idcodes.html
11/29/2016 Added 09e10.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
11/16/2016 Added 03d07.jpg/htm and updated atl2.html
11/11/2016 Added ":1" to gear ratios
11/09/2016 Added Framingham section to body_plate_decoding.html
11/07/2016 Replaced G ~ Power tail gate window [RPO A33] text with G ~ Power tailgate window [RPO A33]
10/31/2016 Added n96_mag_1.jpg and n96_mag_2.jpg to wheels.html
Changed folders named 'photos' to 'images'
10/30/2016 Added Need additional reference material table and links to all major folder subject index.html files
10/25/2016 Added 5_1967_s1_ao_smith.jpg to frame.html
Added pop_136807z141320.jpg to bf.html
10/22/2016 Added 01d08.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 01d08_131117b145701.jpg to vin_bal.html
Added 05a_kan.jpg to follow_weld.html
10/20/2016 Added flywheel/bolt table to clutch.html
10/04/2016 Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 02a11.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 01c04.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
09/05/2016 Added 06b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added t1017ed_7a160589.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 07a09.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
08/28/2016 Added Books section to aboutme.html
08/24/2016 Added power_bench_seat.jpg to int_misc.html
Added 06c06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
08/14/2016 Added 03d02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 11b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
08/10/2016 Fixed link of gallery/index.html to canadian/index.html
Added photos/suffix/bf/t0817ev_7z119631.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/24/2016 Updated information on AL5
07/18/2016 Added 04b07.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
07/17/2016 Added 10c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
07/14/2016 Added t0131ev_7z136342.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/10/2016 Added pp.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
Added oshawa_export_france.jpg to body_plate/index.html
Added 2126.jpg/.htm and updated os_html
Added 0226_1363971108610.jpg to vin_os.html
Added pp.jpg link to paint.html
Added y2_02.jpg to SS 396/index.html
Updated export_speedo.jpg image for dash.html
07/07/2016 Added t0812ek_b101265.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added quarter12.jpg to vin_location.html
06/24/2016 Added 04b07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 11d05.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added white_gs400_sport_coupe.jpg and whtie_gs400_interior.jpg to buick.html
06/15/2016 Added gray_300_133797.jpg to gallery/custom/index.html
Added 05a10.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
06/12/2016 Added Z29/D96 stripe quantites
Added bright_blue_wagon.jpg to custom/index.html
Added 05a09.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
06/08/2016 Added 'ford' folder under gallery/other66s and added fairlane.jpg & ranchero.jpg to other67s.html
06/02/2016 Added 07c02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added 10a05.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
05/30/2016 Added 10a01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
05/29/2016 Added t0829ed_7a160213.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Changed format of idcodes.html
05/21/2016 Renamed 300_front, 300_side, 300_rear to 300_convertible_front, 300_convertible_side, 300_convertible_rear and added 300_sedan_front, 300_sedan_side, 300_sedan_rear to 300_trim.html
Added 300_deluxe_4-door_rear.jpg to 300_deluxe_trim.html
05/15/2016 Fixed "13837" to 13817" on page 136-13817.htm
Added 01a05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
05/07/2016 Added 03b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
04/18/2016 Added 04a06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added pop_134117b173259_imprint.jpg and updated pop_bal.html
04/17/2016 Added 250_l6.jpg to body/emblems/index.html
Added capitol_chevrolet.jpg to documentation/misc/dealer.html
Added 07d06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
04/08/2016 Added oo_front.jpg and oo_rear.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
Added 01a11.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added pg_console_without_retainers.jpg and updated verbiage in console.html
Added t0919ek_7k102594_08e.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 08e04_102594.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 12c02.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Fixed body number of 12c01.html
Added 09e09.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 01d04.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
04/07/2016 Added firewall_fremont_nov.jpg to potpourri.html
04/03/2016 Added AIM & Manuals liks to 67index.html
03/20/2016 Added 07d05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
03/19/2016 Uploaded changes
03/17/2016 Added firewall_kan_08d.jpg to potpourri.html
03/16/2016 Added 136697k120134.jpg to vin_kan.html
03/09/2016 Added bal_04a_malibu.jpg to horizontal.html
Added gm_report08.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
Added t0817ev_7k111733.jpg to suffix_codes.html
03/08/2016 Added wisener2.jpg to dealer.html
02/25/2016 Added order_form_7k130908.jpg to dealer.html
Added production_schedule_7k130908.jpg to dealer.html
02/16/2016 Added floor_clock06.jpg to gauges.html
02/15/2016 Added 04a05.jpg.htm and updated kan3.html
Added all_business_01.jpg and all_business_02.jpg to race/index.html
01/21/2016 Added 136807Z155418_dealer_invoice_L35.jpg to dealer.html
01/20/2016 Added 11b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added 11b02_138177g105566.jpg to 11b02.htm
12/28/2015 Added ws_136177bxxxxxx.jpg to window_sticker.html
12/10/2015 Added 12c07.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 06e01.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
12/07/2015 Updated scheme to maroon and 2015 to 2016
11/29/2015 Added interior_quantity.html
Added paint quantities to paint.html
Added color_quantity.html
11/27/2015 Added pricing for A68, C51, D96, K30, N96, and PW7 to cost.htnl
11/17/2015 Added firewall_bal_07c.jpg to potpourri.html
Added pop_136807z143231.jpg to bf.html
11/15/2015 Updated 728.jpg image
Added 06b06.jpg.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 06e12.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.jpg
Added 06312_138677b100025.jpg
10/25/2015 Added 300_deluxe05.jpg to doors.html
10/22/2015 Added pop_136807z124250.jpg to bf.html
07/27/2015 Added lc.jpg to Malibu gallery and paint.html
Added r2_convertible.jpg to SS 396 gallery
Added e1.jpg to Malibu gallery
Added 67c_507.jpg to auto.html
Added 67colorchart.jpg to paint.html
07/25/2015 Fixed several typographical errors
07/05/2015 Added blue_conv_top.jpg to paint.html
Added 13817_soft_trim_tag.jpg to trim.html
06/21/2015 Added 327_03f/jpg, 327_03g.jpg, and 327_03h.jpg to 327_03.html
06/16/2015 Added more.html page at common/readme/more.html
04/13/2015 Added 04b06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/04/2015 Changed top of page button
Changed footer to white background
04/03/2015 Remmed out jumptop.js and substituted plum_up.png for up arrow
04/02/2015 Added .jpg files for both power teams pages
04/01/2015 Swapped Self Sizing script for lightbox script
03/20/2015 Changed color scheme to Royal Plum - #4F2F4F
Added malibu_driver_side.jpg & malibu_pass_side.jpg to emblems_drawings.html
Added bal_01d.jpg to follow_weld.html
Added s2.jpg to gallery/elcamino/index.html
Added t1020et_b120928.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 11a02.jpg and vin_136807b120928.jpg to bal_elcamino.html
03/03/2015 Changed all image "alt" captions to read alt="CHEVELLECD All Rights Reserved"
Added state_vin_texas.jpg to /vin/index.html
Added pop_135177b156318.jpg to pop_bal.html
02/15/2015 Added 06b05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added a82_04.jpg & a82_05.jpg to int_misc.html
Added Added pop_138177k174908.jpg to pop_kan.html
Added 03d08.jpg/.htm, 03d08_138177k172737.jpg and updated kan2.html
Added 12c06.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
02/12/2015 Added pop_138677b203053.jpg to pop_bal.html
01/22/2015 Added pop_136397b122402,jpg to pop_bal.html
01/06/2015 Added t1122ed71132307.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added t0608ev.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 01b08.jpg/.htm & 01b08_138357z122939.jpg and updated bf2.html
12/29/2014 Added 07b03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 07b03_136177z159375.jpg
12/25/2014 Added 07d07.jpg/,htm and 07d07_136377a182567.jpg and updated atl3.html
Added 09d09.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 09e07.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 11c01.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
11/11/2014 compiled
10/27/2014 Added 10c11.jpg/.htm & 10c11_136177a116691.jpg and updated atl1.html
Added 06c04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 0214.jpg/.htm and 0214_1361771108944.jpg and updated os.html
10/14/2014 Added Beaumonts brochures
Added 05a08.jpg/.htm & 05a08_138177b179990.jpg and updated bal3.html
Added pop_138177b121639 to pop_bal.html
Added 11a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 09c06.jpg/.htm & 09c06_138177b110432.jpg and updated bal1.html
Added 06e06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added kk0607b.jpg to \rearend\index.html
09/22/2014 Replace text 'Buildsheet' with 'Build Sheet'
Added 03c04.jpg/.htm & 03c03_136177k170072.jpg and updated kan2.html
Added 05a07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 05c08.jpg/.htm & 05c08_138177z146092.jpg and updated bf3.html
Added 05d02.jpg/.htm & 05d02_136807z147195.jpg and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 08d06.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 09e02.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 7b180670.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 7z146092.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 10a04.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
09/15/2014 Added rpo_u15.jpg to gauges.html
Added 03b09.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 12d03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Replaced "plant tracking number of unknown origin" with "plant Job Number for tracking purposes"
09/11/2014 Changed incorrect "M" to correct "N" in group 4 codes on body_layte_decoding.html
Added 3908945-ex_711.jpg, 3908945-ex_711pass_side.jpg, & 3908945-ex_711_driver_side.jpg to carbs.html
Added air_cleaner_base_l34_woair.jpg to aircleaner.html
09/06/2014 Added 0609.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
09/04/2014 Added pop_138677b118076.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added really_bad_window_sticker.jpg to window_sticker.html
Added 138177z154858_soft_trim_sheet.jpg to trim.html
Added 138177b110456_10_6.jpg to vin_bal.html
Added 01b07.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added 01b07 link to trim.htm for 770 interior code
Added 05c05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 09e08.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 12b04.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
Added 12b04_135177g108558.jpg to vin_fra.html
Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 11c01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 11c01_136807b127053.jpg to bal.html
Added 12d03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
08/07/2014 Added pop_138177b142278.jpg to pop_bal.html
08/02/2014 Added Added door_jamb_06a_kan.jpg to doors.html
Added 06a03.jpg/.htm & 06a03_138177k124578.jpg and updated kan3.html
Added 06a06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 04a05.jpg/.htm & 04a05_135177a157584.jpg and updated atl3.html
Added 05c10.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
07/31/2014 Added beaumont_sd_convert.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
07/29/2014 Added firewall_atl_05a.jpg to potpourri.html
Added 05a11.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06a07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
07/26/2014 Added 12b17.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added vin_131697a134725.jpg
Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
Added deluxe_gold.jpg to belts.html
Added pop_131697a134724.jpg to pop_atl.html
07/24/2014 Added 3877459_may.jpg, p7e10.jpg, and z148609.jpg to manual.html
compiled and uploaded
07/23/2014 Added ts_02a04.jpg to trim.html
Added t0110ek_7b148876.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/19/2014 Added 07c04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
07/13/2014 Added 06c02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added 06c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 03d07.jpg/htm and updated kan2.html
Added battery_tray.jpg to battery_tray.html
Changed all alt="File Photo" to alt="CHEVELLECD"
07/11/2014 Added 07c10.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 02a10.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added pop_13667k114595.jpg to pop_kan.html
05/30/2014 Resized all El Camino gallery photos.
Added 01d07.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 01d07_136177k153033.jpg
Added 06a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 08d05.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 12b03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
05/22/2014 Added t7h08n1.jpg to auto.html
Added v0607dj.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added casting_date_e317.jpg to rearend/index.html
05/21/2014 Added pop_136177z155801.jpg to pop_bf.html
Added 02b04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 02b04_138177z146627.jpg
Added 12b16.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 07b07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/18/2014 Added 04d02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 12b06.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
05/14/2014 Added pop_138177a142278.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added 01c05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added firewall_kan_06a.jpg to potpourri.html
05/01/2014 Added quarter11.jpg to vin_location.html
Added gm_beaumont_report02.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
Added 1381771114107 & body plate 0429 to gm_can_spec.html
Added 0429.jpg/.htm and updated os.html
04/30/2014 Added pop_136176a124955.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added pop_136177b135540.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added ts_136177b135540.jpg to trim.html
Added ws_136177b135540.jpg to window_sticker.html
04/28/2014 Added 07a08.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 07a08_138177k212727.jpg
Added 06e11.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 06e11_138177b205114.jpg
compiled and uploaded
04/27/2014 Added bright_brake.jpg and full_lens_set.jpg to dash.html
Added 05a01.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 05d06.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 10c02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 10c02_136807k117716.jpg
Added 12a01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added pop_136177z143256 to pop_bf.html
Added 01b13.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 01b13_138677k147031.jpg
04/20/2014 Added black_custom.jpg to /custom/index.html
Added t0621ed_7a181146.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 07b06.jpg/.htm and uldated atl3.html
Added a82_01, _02, and _03.jpg to int_misc.html
04/12/2014 Added 06d08.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
04/10/2014 Added various firewall photos to potpourri.html
04/06/2014 Added wheels_up01.jpg & wheelsup_02.jpg to gallery/race/index.html
04/03/2014 Added 07a07.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added silver_black.jpg to race/index.html
04/01/2014 Added 794.jpg
Added 12b15.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
03/26/2014 Added pop_136697b196687.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added 10d03a.jpg, 10d03b.jpg, 10d03e.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
03/25/2014 compiled and uploaded
03/20/2014 Added 06c03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 06b01.jpg/jpg and updated bal_elcamino.html
03/18/2014 Added 03c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
03/17/2014 Added 10d06.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
03/13/2014 Added 07d04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added pop_136397z103428.jpg to pop_bf.html
03/11/2014 Added 05a06.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 05a06_138177b178627.jpg
03/10/2014 Added hardtop_a85_01.jpg to belts.html
03/09/2014 Added 01b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 03c07.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 03c07_135677b160884.jpg
Added 03c07.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added underside_closed_posivent1.jpg and underside_closed_posivent2.jpg to aircleaner.html
03/02/2014 Added pop_136807b149567.jpg to bal.html
Added 12b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added airvalvecovers.jpg to chrome.html
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Added 09b03.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 01b12.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 09d08.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
02/21/2014 Added 06302.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 01a06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 05a10.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 11b03.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
Added 136177k143259.jpg to vin_kan.html
02/17/2014 Added pop_131177b139412.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added pop_135177b140549.jpg to pop_bal.html
02/09/2014 Added 10c12.jpg/htm and updated kan1.html
Added 01d07.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added pop_136677b146998_imprint.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added 327_01/327_01e.jpg to 327_01.html
Added 327_01/327_01f.jpg to 327_01.html
Added interior_exterior.html to El Camino section
02/05/2014 Added 01c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
01/31/2014 Added 05c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 11a04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 4speed_bench_humpjpg to int_miac.html
Added 10d03.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
01/27/2014 Added 10c09.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
compiled and updated
01/26/2014 Added 04b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added pop_136177b189543.jpg
Added pop_136177b191053.jpg
01/25/2014 Added pop_13667b179809.jpg to pop_bal.html
Added 06a02.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 10c08.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
01/24/2014 Added 09a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added y2_conv.jpg to SS 396\index.html
01/22/2014 Updated verbiage on vin_location.html
Added air_shocks.jpg to air_shocks.html
01/11/2014 Added 350_02a.jpg through 350_02f.jpg to 396_350_01.html
01/10/2014 Added deluxe_turquoise.jpg to belts.html
01/10/2014 Added 1215.jpg to gm_can_spec.html
Added gm_report07.jpg to gm_can_spcl.html
Added 1381771106525.jpg and 1215.jpg to 1215.htm and updated os.html
Added t1027ed_7b121519.jpg to suffix_codes.html
01/05/2014 Added 11d04.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
01/04/2014 Added 07c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
01/03/2014 Added 06a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 01a09.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
12/21/2013 Added pop_138177z113610.jpg to pop_bf.html
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12/19/2013 Added 07b02_138177z159631.jpg to 07b02.htm
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12/18/2013 Added pop_136177Z151304.jpg to pop_bf.html
Added 04c05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 02a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
12/13/2013 Added pop_136177b179143 to pop_bal.html
12/12/2013 Added 02d05.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
12/09/2013 Added 121_67_shocks.jpg to front_suspension.html
Added 3178155.jpg to front_suspension.html
12/08/2013 Replaced 'Rear seat speaker' with 'Rear speaker'
Added skylark_convertible3.jpg to buick.html
Added white_gto_convertible.jpg to pontiac.html
Added red_gto.jpg to pontiac.html
Added olds_supreme_holiday_coupe.jpg to olds.html
Added 01b_lan.jpg to olds.html
Added 06b.gto.jpg to pontiac.html
Added 07c_gto.jpg pontiac.html
Added 05c_lan.jpg to olds.html
Added 06b_bal.jpg to buick.html
Added 03e06.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
12/07/2013 Added 09d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
12/01/2013 Replaced self sizing window code:
write('<body onLoad="self.focus();" onBlur="window.close();"><img id="pic" style="display: none"><div id="title" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;">');
 write('<body onLoad="self.focus();" onBlur="window.close();"><img id="pic" style="display: none"><div id="title" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;">');
Added 01d06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 09d05.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
11/22/2013 Added 01c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03d06.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 03d_kan_172818.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 09307.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
11/11/2013 Added cove_without_blackout.jpg to trunk.html
Added 05d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 10d05_138177k121328.jpg
Added 12b02.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
11/04/2013 Added 06a03.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Replaced "Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate" with "Vehicle Identification Number Plate"
Added 10d01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 10d01_136807k119744.jpg
10/31/2013 Compiled and uploaded
10/30/2013 Added 03b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added m21_input.jpg to manual.html
10/24/2013 Added 11b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
10/23/2013 Added 11a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
10/22/2013 Added 04a07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
10/16/2013 Added 08e01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
10/15/2013 Added 01b02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Compiled and uploaded
10/13/2013 Added 10b04.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 10c11.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added ts_1013.jpg to trim.html
10/09/2013 Added 10a04.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 10a04_138177k111331.jpg
Added 01b01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
10/03/2013 Added 10b06.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added column_cover_03_08d_kan.jpg to dash.html
Added 06d10.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06d10_138177a176891.jpg
09/30/2013 Renamed bal/06b24.htm to bal/06b23.htm
Added 06b24.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 3905995cf.jpg to pulleys.html
09/23/2013 Added 12c02.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
09/21/2013 Added 06c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
09/17/2013 Added 06b01.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
Added 01b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
09/16/2013 Added 09d04.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added ss_grille05.jpg to grille.html
Added 03c06.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
09/14/2013 Added 06b24.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added ws_138177k133205.jpg to window_sticker.html
09/09/2013 Added 794_seat.jpg, 794_door.jpg, 794.htm and updated trim.html
Added 794_door.jpg to doors.html
Added 02c05.jpg/.htm, 02c05_138177b153338.jpg and updated bal2.html
Added 04d12.jpg/.htm, 04d12_138677k183572 and updated kan3.html
09/08/2013 Added oshawa_horizontal1.jpg and oshawa_horizontal2.jpg to horizontal.html
compiled and uploaded
09/04/2013 Added kw1026jpg to \rearend.html
Added 08d04.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
08/29/2013 Change all occurrences of E ~ Tinted windows (all) [RPO A01] to E ~ Tinted glass (all) [RPO A01]
Added bal_07d.jpg to horizontal.html and updated matrix on trunk.html
Added vent_tubes2.jpg to trunk.html
compiled and uploaded
08/28/2013 Added red_black_06/07/08.jpg to belts.html
Added ss_early_repro.jpg to grille.html
Added 138177g106919.jpg to vin_fra.html
08/26/2013 Added 11d07.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 11d07_136697a131648.jpg
Added 07b07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
08/22/2013 compiled and uploaded
08/21/2013 Added 01c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 02b02.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
08/16/2013 Added 03d06.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 04b05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
08/10/2013 Added 05a05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 10a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Compiled and uploaded
08/05/2013 Added 10a03.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added 10a03_138177g103772.jpg to vin_fra.html
Added 10a03_fra_7g103772.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 10a_fra_cove.jpg to diagonal.html
08/02/2013 Added 01c06.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 06e10.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added trans_speedo_hole.jpg to /transmission/index.html
Compiled and uploaded
07/27/2013 Added 10c07.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
07/23/2013 Added 01d02.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added cf0920e.jpg to rearend/index.html
Added g106919.jpg to suffix_codes.html
07/17/2013 Compiled and uploaded
07/15/2013 Added pop_136177k146339.jpg to pop_kan.html
07/13/2013 Added 07a05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added shipper_7k184961.jpg to dealer.html
07/08/2013 Added 05c09.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
07/05/2013 Added 05b02.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
07/04/2013 Added 11d07.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
07/01/2013 Added oilpan.html page with associated images and added Oil Pan link to nav bar
compiled and uploaded
06/30/2013 Added holley_intake.jpg to intake.html
Added 04c11.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 04c11_138177b173089.jpg to vin_bal.html
06/26/2013 Added 3866948_intake.jpg to intake.html
Compiled and uploaded
06/25/2013 Added 09b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 09b05_135177b101979.jpg to vin_bal.html
Added 09c08.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added p7r27.jpg and 7z112883.jpg to manual.html
06/20/2013 Added 04a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Changed all "El Camino (Custom)" to "El Camino (Malibu)"
Added note on interior_exterior.html about red buckets on a Plum El Camino
06/18/2013 Added pop_138177z144357.jpg to pop_bf.html
Added 12c05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
06/16/2013 Added 03d06.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 12c03.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added t0902ej_7z118899.jpg to suffix_codes.html
compiled and uploaded
06/11/2013 Added 04c04.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added 01b11.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
06/06/2013 Added 04c05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06c08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06b04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
06/04/2013 Added 10b08.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
06/02/2013 Added 04b01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
05/30/2013 Compressed and uploaded
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Added 11e03_138677b130412.jpg to vin_bal.html
05/29/2013 Added 05b02.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 05b02_138177k189929.jpg to vin_kan.html
05/27/2013 Added th400_floor.jpg to auto.html
Added 05c03.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 05a05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 11c04.jpg./.htm and updated atl1.html
05/22/2013 Added kf0513e.jpg to etr/rearend/index.html
Added use_posi_label2.jpg to etr/rearend/index.html
Added t0517ef_7k193925.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 06b22.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 05d04.jpt/.htm and updated kan3.html
05/20/2013 Added 02c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added pop_136397a148978.jpg to pop_atl.html
05/17/2013 Added 10c01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
05/11/2013 Added v0214er.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added t0628ed_7k218949.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added t0628ed_7k329949.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added block_date_b_10_7.jpg to block.html
Added 1111195_6h15_2.jpg to ignition.html
compiled and uploaded
05/08/2013 Added cbc_136807k184961.jpg to chassis_broadcast.html
05/05/2013 Added 04b05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
05/02/2013 Standardized all interior and paint code definitions
04/29/2013 Added 11e02.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
04/25/2013 Added 07a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
04/24/2013 Added m21_gearset.jpg to manual.html
Added 3879668_trans_tag.jpg to manual.html
Added p7t09.jpg to manual.html
04/23/2013 Added pop_138177a168989.jpg to pop_atl.html
Added 138177a168989_car_shipper.jpg to dealer.html
Added 06a05.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
04/22/2013 Added 07c02.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
04/19/2013 Added 09c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
04/16/2013 Added 01a_bal_ssconvert_th400.jpg to support.html
Added 01a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 03a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
compiled and uploaded
04/12/2013 Added 06e04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 09a02.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
04/08/2013 Added 05a05.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added th400_kickdown_switch.jpg to carbs.html
03/29/2013 Added 09c03.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added 12a07.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 12a07_138177b131460.jpg
Added ts_12a07_01 and ts_12a07_02 to trim.html
Compiled and uploaded
03/22/2013 Added 07b05.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 12c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
03/19/2013 Added 01d03.jpg./.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added t0818ev.jpg to suffix_codes.html
03/18/2013 Added 11d06.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Compiled and uploaded
03/16/2013 Added 10c06.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 10c06_138177a117923.jpg
03/12/2013 Added 09d07.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 09d07_pop_136697k109529_imprint.jpg to pop_kan.html
03/11/2013 Added 03e04.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
03/05/2013 Added 12c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
03/04/2013 Added 136396k186464_car_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
Added 136396k186464_dealer_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
Added 138177k130334_dealer_invoice.jpg to dealer.html
03/03/2013 Added 3908957-ej_751.jpg to carbs.html
Added 06a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 01b10.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 01b10_137677k146248.jpg to kan_vin.html
Added 01b10_136177k115555_title.jpg to 10b05.htm
03/01/2013 Added 03e05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
02/27/2013 Added 01b05.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
02/24/2013 Added 03d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
02/23/2013 Compressed and uploaded
02/14/2013 Added pop_136807k220717.jpg to kan.html
02/09/2013 Added 03e04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 10a02.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Compressed and uploaded
02/08/2013 Added 10a04.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
02/04/2013 Added FAQ page
01/31/2013 Added 10a01.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added malibu_ss_pete_briggs.jpg to Canadian chevelles gallery
Added t0822ed_7a103631.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 7a103631.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added 3894939_0822.jpg to rearend\index.html
Added 4-digit date codes to carbs.html
01/17/2013 Added 02b04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 01c06.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Added pop_136176k161447.jpg to pop_kan.html
01/15/2013 Added 05c06.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Added pop_138177z147117 to pop_bf.html
Added 01e03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Changed color scheme from plum to maroon
01/14/2013 Added 03b07.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added hh.jpg to gallery/elcamino/index.html
Added 06b20.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 01d05.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
01/13/2013 Added glovebox04.jpg to dash.html
Added 03d05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 03d05_138177b156998.jpg to vin_bal.html
01/11/2013 Added 07a01_7z157566.jpg to suffix_codes.html
01/08/2013 Added 03b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
Compressed and uploaded
Added 06b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added pop_136807z152023.jpg to bf.html
01/03/2012 Added 04d08.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 04d08_138177b177803.jpg to vin_bal.html
Added VIN range to prod_nos.html
Added t0418ed.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added kf0201b.jpg to rearend/index.html
01/02/2013 Added 3775745.jpg to rearend/index.html
Removed table element on rearend/index.html
12/31/2012 Added 10d04.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
12/29/2012 Added ts_0510_002322.jpg to trim.html
12/24/2012 Added 01b09.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Fixed group codes on 01b08.htm (kan)
12/20/2012 Added 11a03.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 12a04.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
Added 12a04_138177k135832.jpg to vin_kan.html
12/18/2012 Added door_jamb_early.jpg and door_jamb_late.jpg to doors.html
12/16/2012 Replaced all occurrences of "trim tag" with "body plate" on body_plate_decoding.html
Fixed group 5 code on Framingham 06c01.htm
Added 06d09.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 03a07_138177a153362.jpg to vin_atl.html
Added  "- suspect reproduction trim tag.
See body_plate_decoding.html for more information" to kan\04a04.htm and kan\06d09.htm
Added "Suspect these body plates are reproduction. There was a guy making the fake tags always put 4N or 4K (L78) on his fake Chevelle tags until someone outed a fake car and the news got back to the trim tag guy that those codes were not used on Chevelles, so he stopped doing that recently." to body_plate_decoding.html
Compiled and uploaded
12/15/2012 Fixed trim code description on atl/06c06.htm
Added 06c07.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 06c06_138177a172950 to vin_atl.html
12/13/2012 Added 04c04.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 01a08.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
12/12/2012 Added 09c03.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
12/08/2012 Added y2.jpg to gallery/malibu/index.html
Added bbc_136177b109957.jpg to trim.html
12/06/2012 Added 03a08.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Compiled and uploaded
12/03/2012 Added 10c05.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 11d03.jpg/.htm and updated fra1.html
Added 10a03_136177b111681.jpg to 10a03.htm and vin_bal.html
Added verbiage to vin_location.html
11/25/2012 Added pop_138177A162823.jpg to pop_atl.html
11/19/2012 Compiled and uploaded
11/18/2012 Added11d02.jpg/htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
11/17/2012 Added kj0829.jpg to rearend/index.html
Added p7s29.jpg to manual.html
Added ws_136807b170273.jpg to window_sticker.html
11/16/2012 Added pop_136807z143657.jpg to bf.html
11/13/2012 Added 10a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
11/11/2012 Added 03a07.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
11/09/2012 Added wagon_rear.jpg to window_glass.html
Added 13635_rear.jpg to window_glass.html
11/07/2012 Added 03d04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
11/06/2012 Added 03b01.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
11/03/2012 Added 12b14.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Fixed group option codes on atl\12b13.htm
11/01/2012 Added v1021ea.jpg to suffix_codes.html
Added temp.jpg to /pop/index.html
Added pop_136697b155609.jpg to pop_bal.html
10/30/2012 Replaced image of 67_dash.jpg on dash.html
10/29/2012 Added 01c01.jpg/.htm and updated bf_elcamino.html
Added 3877459.jpg to manual.html
10/23/2012 Added fuel_batt.jpg and temp_oil.jpg to gauges.html
Added 01e03.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
10/17/2012 Added 09e06.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added 283_02b.jpg and 283_02c.jpg to 283_02.html
10/06/2012 Rearranged epg\396_350_01 and  epg\396_350_02 folders to show how the L34 did NOT come with positive ventilation.
Added 02a02_reproduction.jpg/.htm (reproduction) and updated atl2.html
Added 02a02_138177a176070.jpg to atl.html
10/03/2012 Added 04d11.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
10/02/2012 Added 07d06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 02a09.jpg/.htm and updated kan2.html
10/01/2012 Added 09c05.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
09/27/2012 Added 05c08.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
Added 05c08_138177a174748.jpg to atl.html
Added 05d06.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
09/25/2012 Added 06b19.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 06b19_138677b200330.jpg to vin_bal.html
Added t0829ek_7b200330.jpg to suffix_codes.html
compressed and uploaded
09/23/2012 Added 11-13_b6.jpg and11-13_b7.jpg to hood.html
09/22/2012 Added 01b01.jpg/.htm and updated fra2.html
09/20/2012 Added "This may be XX'd out indicating the body had to be pulled for repair." to bal_ttp.htm
Added 05b08.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 01b01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
09/19/2012 Added 05c02.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added pop_138177k193340.jpg to pop_kan.html
Renamed all \pop\xxx\xxx.html files to pop\xxx\pop_xxx.html
Renamed all \vin\xxx\xxx.html files to \vin\xxx\vin_xxx.html
Added 3speed_bench.jpg to int_misc.html
09/13/2012 Added 05a04.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
09/12/2012 Added 01d10.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.htm
Added 10a03.jpg/.htm and updated bal1.html
Added airvalvecover.jpg to chrome.html
Added 05d02.jpg/.htm and updated fra3.html
09/09/2012 Added kk.jpg to gallery/elcamino/index.html
09/07/2012 Added t0927ed_7k118378.jpg to suffix_codes.html
09/06/2012 Added 10b03.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
09/05/2012 Added 03a06.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 03a06_138177a151133.jpg to atl.html
09/04/2012 Compiled and uploaded
09/01/2012 Added 07b04.jpg/htm and updated atl3.html
08/27/2012 Added pop_138177z157137.jpg to bf.html
Added bs_138177z157137.jpg to build.html
08/26/2012 Added 11c08.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
08/20/2012 Added 09b01.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
08/19/2012 Added 11a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added 12b13.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 01c01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 01d01.jpg/.htm and updated bal_elcamino.html
Added 06c02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
08/18/2012 Added 12b12.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 12b12_138177a134880.jpg to atl.html
Added 230_04.jpg, 230_05.jpg, 230_06.jpg, 230_0.jpg to 230_02.html
08/14/2012 Added 06c04.jpg/.htm and updated kan3.html
Added 06c04_138177k202041.jpg to kan.html
08/13/2012 Added 10b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
08/12/2012 Added interior_paint.html page and updated all associated page links
08/09/2012 Added 07a05.jpg/.htm and updated bf3.html
Fixed trim code on bal/01a06.htm
Added 01a07.jpg/.htm and updated atl2.html
Added 06e09.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Compiled and uploaded
08/03/2012 Added 11b05.jpg/.htm and updated atl1.html
Added 12b04.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
07/29/2012 Added 12b02.jpg/.htm and updated kan_elcamino.html
Added 01b04.jpg/.htm and updated bf2.html
07/28/2012 Added 05b07.jpg/.htm and updated bal3.html
Added 05b07_138177b182558.jpg to bal.html
07/27/2012 Added 01d06.jpg/.htm and updated bal2.html
Added 11b02.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
07/24/2012 Added 10a03.jpg/.htm and updated kan1.html
Added rr2.jpg to SS 396 gallery
Added rpanel_oct_kan_ss.jpg to trunk.html
07/21/2012 Added 05a09.jpg/.htm and updated atl3.html
07/14/2012 Added 11c02.jpg/.htm and updated bf1.html
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Globally replaced E ~ Tinted windows (all) [RPO A01] with E ~ Tinted glass (all) [RPO A01]
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Added "...and Atlanta 11D body plate" to group 4 option F on body_plate_decoding.html
02/12/2012 Fixed "Hea vy" to "Heavy" on ES coded L79 idcodes.html
02/05/2012 Modified body_plate_decoding.html to reflect 2E code and 2K code
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01/28/2012 Blacked-out key numbers
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Updated power_teams.html and ec_power_teams.html with L78 transmission/rear end ratios courtesy Jeff Helms
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