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Classic Chevelle Calendar™ - 2018
1968 Chevelle's 50th Anniversary

Wall calendar in your choice between two sizes: 8.5 x 13 and 11 x 17 when opened.
Every year of Classic Chevelle (1964-1972) has at least one month with photo.
 As dates for Chevelle-related shows are known for 2018, I will have a list of all buyers and will email updates as they come in.
Only 25 of the 8.5 x 11 and 75 of the 11 x 17 will be printed - get your limited edition calendar today!

Quantites are limited

8 .5 x 13
11 x 17
As of December 12, 2017


Classic Chevelle Calendar - 2018
Sales prices include USPS First Class shipping to any U.S. mailing address

Classic Chevelle Calendar - 2018Classic Chevelle Calendar - 2018
Mini Wall Size 8.5 x 13 - $19.95
(U.S. Mailing Address Only)
Classic Wall Size 11 x 17 - $23.95
(U.S. Mailing Address Only)

Clubs can save 10% with any order of 10 or more. Contact me with needs and I'll shoot you a quote.

Classic Chevelle Calendar - 2018
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I can mail to an ouside the U.S. address however mailing to Canada (or any other location outside the U.S.) requires First Class International and that can run from $10.00 to $15.50 and up depending on item(s) size, weight, and destination. If you wish a calendar to be mailed to any address outside the U.S. please contact me first via my Contact page with your COMPLETE,LEGAL MAILING ADDRESS FOR YOUR COUNTRY and I'll look up the mailing cost. I will return, via email, the total and if you decide to purchase via PayPal I will send you a PayPal invoice or if purchasing via credit card, I'll send a different invoice - please specify which you prefer.